Sometimes you think ” today I’m going out. I’m gonna flirt and be witty and get my girlfriends free drinks because that’s no problem. I’m gonna be busting moves all fucking night. Look out Toronto! I’m hitting up the night life tonight!” But when its time for you to go out and break it down, you actually break down. You take off your shoes wiggle your toes and are happy you work but can’t stand retail. You think about how anal this manager is and you wonder how can someone be as dumb as that girl is. And you think yourself into total exhaustion; the zombie mode.

Your bbm status changes to exhausted and your BFF knows what that means. “-_- you’re not coming are you dude?” It’s being able to gather that energy to go see people. Ugh. People you don’t really like, or people that will end up killing your buzz. There’s always a risk with that happening especially if your group of close friends is as big as yours.

And then you remember that awkward encounter from the last outing and you just blurt out “shit!” You definitely don’t feel like making pleasantries with that salty douchebag. But are you gonna be like this all the damn time? Make stupid excuses to not party? So you suck it up! Hold your head high! Grab that phone vigorously and message back, ” Duudde I’m so exhausted. I fell asleep at work leaning on the counter. And I think I’m coming down with something.” Epic fail.

But you think you dodged a bullet. No need to get ready ( *I effing hate getting ready) no need to meet up with anyone. No need to worry about your hair or who’s gonna end up fighting/kissing by the end of the night. You change into your jammies grab a shitload of snacks and make your personal movie list for the night. Hours, have passed- no wait, not hours. Only 1. And you are absolutely bored. You nap. Wake up feeling fresh and you think “it has to be later now!”. Yes it is- an hour later. Now its 10:45 and your running up the wall. You called/texted/bbmed/fb inboxed/ smoke signaled every damn person you know in the damn region. You pout cross your arms punch the pillow turn out the light and get your ass back to bed.

A beautiful dream is ruined by the sick ass ring tone that brings back the fact that your home and your not dancing to that damn song. You check the phone and its your BFF. She tells you the dirty juicy deets of the night. The mission they had to pull. The scams the bouncers pulled and the fights and infidelity on display. You laugh at the crazy stories say good night and you kinda chuckle and think “Thank god I didn’t go. Sounded a little too hectic for me.” Cause sometimes you can do it and sometimes you just don’t wanna.


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