So from high school up until now, I have gained and lost friends by the masses. Whether it be over a fight or, misunderstanding or good old back-stabbing. But point being I’m older and wiser now. I’ve learned how to identify my besties, close buds and acquaintances. I call it friend filtering.

It sounds harsh and ugly but it’s really the smartest thing I’ve thought of. I’ve gotten my heart-broken before by my loss of friends over silly shit. So I’ve been able to figure out how to categorize the friends to avoid that and, I’m gonna show you folks how it works. First you got your BFFS. There’s maybe one or two people who you can say basically, knows you better than you know yourself. Even if you guys don’t talk for days, you know you will call each other if shit hits the fan. You guys have been through the darkest moments together and come out on top of it because you’ve helped each other along the whole way. Not much else to say but you guys are forever a duo/trio and your friendship can stand almost anything.

Next is your close friends. You have known them for x amount of years and you’ve never lost touch with them. You might have all grown up together or gone to the same school or even live on the same street. It’s a pretty contiguous group of peeps and you can pick out each others qualities. It’s still breakable though; sometimes one fight/rumor/misunderstanding can finish it. Oh and let’s not forget; you’ve all liked each other at some point. Whether it was back in grade 7 when you were learning how to kiss, beginning of high school where all you did was kiss or near the end where you might have done more. Point being you can pick out the good in each of them. But the bad is just as present. You learn who has close bonds with who and who you can’t tell secrets too. Who’s a prude and who’s a slut. Who’s superficial and who’s a bitch. But you avoid the bad and let the good times roll. Cause fuck, where would you be without your friends?

And finally the acquaintance; from school, your neighbourhood etc,. The person you added on Facebook and randomly like their pic. But you never write on their wall or call them up. You see them you do the civil thing and ask how are they? And you send each other off with a smile. But you never tell them “Hey let’s chill!” cause it just has never been and can never be. Why? Just cause. And they know it too so they don’t ask. NOTE OF CAUTION: after a few drinks at the party where your BFF and buds are, you might dance and drink your ass off with these people. And by the end of the night you either say “I LOVE YOU MAN!” or, you completely face palm yourself and ask why the hell you ever talked to them that night. But they always go back to their lives the next day and so do you.

So those are the categories. If you can manage to split your friends into these 3 and know who to trust and who not to; you did it. You have officially done friend filtering. Its pretty basic stuff. Good luck.


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