I was able to purchase 2 cds yesterday before my money flew away and one of them was Kanye’s “My beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.To sum up how I feel about it, I will use one word: addicted.

Just the intro to “Dark Fantasy”, Nicki Minaj sets up the scene for definitely one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Her haunting “british” accent and the angelic choir he uses in his songs are impactful. And Kanye has never lost his ability to leave you remembering his lyrics and stunning you in the easiest way.

Never has a title fit an album so well as this one. He speaks a lot about the hell/ heaven aspect in every song. Also about the glory, power and fame. Yet, you can’t help but imagine something extravagant with each song. Something eerie, beautiful and very much so enchanting- with a the foundation of swag and hip hop of course :).

I also absolutely love LOVE the instrumental of each song. The orchestra in “All Of The Lights” is absolutely phenomenal. If you’re a fan of classical music, you can easily appreciate the works of the cello to set the intensity and the trumpets to set the power. Even in the song “Runaway” the piano takes the simplest role but it sets the mood to his hilarious but, praise-worthy lyrics (All I can think of is of the ballerinas when I hear that one). “Devil In A New Dress” is the sexiest song on the album. You need to hear it to understand.

Every collaboration on this CD was epic. Every artist took it out of this world and brought the listener to Kanye’s world. Mr. Rick Rozay brought his A-game to “Devil In A New Dress” meanwhile; Nicki tore up “Monster” leaving an impression on anyone who listens to it. I adore “Blame Game” with John Legend. His talent playing the piano and singing is properly shown in this tune, for sure. Its beautiful, simply put.

Final thoughts: This album brought a whole new meaning to hip hop for me. I’ve loved every Kanye West album, but this one introduced “new hip hop”. Dope lyrics, insane beats and admirable collabos. Sooo who taught you how to appreciate this incredible album? “Yeezy taught me.”


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