Cry me a river

Cry me a river

Smitten I was and angry I became.
You played the victim in a sick little game.
My feelings were the target of your cruel attempt.
Your lies a decoy, filled with contempt.
I forgave you once, which was too much.
I forgave you twice, I was being too nice.
The third thing came along
and you began to sing your song.
“The world judges me. I am alone. I held you dear, my hearts very own.
I’ve cried these tears just for you. My truth must be enough proof to you.”
I grimace at your sorry plea.
My infatuation left, making attachments flee.
I stared at you with empty eyes, detaching myself and remembering my pride.
I open my mouth my voice hollow. I knew what words would follow.
“You cried to me; I held your hand. But you lied to me, which I cannot stand.
You sat with her and spoke about me like I was a new toy.
I thought your tears were of a man. But they belong to a boy.
I caught you in a lie, you got defensive.
You would answer me with another question. I may be young but I am no fool.
My honesty and pride are my beings tools.
So stop claiming to be a victim to me.
I was blessed with sight, and I can see.”
I rid my life of grown children and victims.
May they all find each other, so we can all be rid of them.

One thought on “Victim

  1. This poetry was written in a way that one can close their eyes and perfectly imagine the scenario that has been embedded within these words. There are so many people in this world who continue to lie even after being caught in their lies as if their lies have become their truths the more they keep telling it. It’s a sad world that we live in.

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