If Dogs Can…

Anyone that knows me, knows I have 2 dogs that I absolutely adore. Kala is 11 years old and Juanita is 3. I have pictures of my “puppies” on my phone and I gush and brag about them like they are the babies in our household. People that meet them fall in love with the older one, who is senile but lovable. The younger one is a lot more protective. She either likes you or doesn’t. But if there is one thing that I’ve grown to love about my dogs, is how compatible they are.

Today, I was talking about them to my “hair picasso” as she was prepping me for the gala. And I began to reminisce of when I first got Juanita and how much Kala hated her. I think she even aged quicker the poor thing. They fought, they snapped and it got to a point where my mom was considering giving away Juanita!! I was devastated. But of course, we got attached to her even though she was an absolute menace.

I went into my first year of college for Media foundations, my mom and dad were working, that meant leaving them alone. Oy. You can imagine the worry, until we just fell into routine.

If u see them now, you see how attached they are. When one sleeps in my room upstairs, a.k.a the dog den, the other stays in the living room. They switch and basically guard our house with whatever their loyal hearts can muster. They sleep beside each other, they play, they occasionally fight. Like animals, they went beyond their differences and became each others companion.

While I’m saying all this to my hair dresser between her “awws” and “cuuttee” a simple question escaped from my mouth, that I swear I hadn’t even thought of saying. I just blurted it! “If dogs can become compatible and get over their differences, why the hell can’t people?”

Folks, we friggin suck. Acceptance right off the bat isn’t expected of course, because even animals can’t do that. But seeing the turmoil that we put each other through is kind of sad and ridiculous. You think years and years death and war and pointless losses would be the smack in the nuts that would make humanity come to their senses.

But hey dogs eventually get along with dogs, cats with cats. How bout us? We have the same anatomy as much as we don’t like to think so (which is stupid). If dogs can do it, why the hell can’t we?


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