F*#k What You’ve Heard! I’m Fabulous!

I feel that the closer I get to my 30 years of life the better I feel about myself as a person, as a mother and as a woman. I went through a period when I thought very little of my appearance and was just miserable about life in general. I was NOT happy with myself or where my life was, the future looked bleek. I’ve always heard women talk about how great life is in their 30s but of course it always seemed like a myth because what woman actually enjoys getting older?!?! But now I completely understand what this urban myth is about and have become a believer myself. Dirty 30s indeed! Yeah my life isn’t perfect and I still have a lot of shit to sort out but positive thoughts brings a positive outcome so here’s to positivity *raises flute* and to self-improvement. Nothing but good things and good people in my life from now on, so fuck what you bitches have heard! I’m fabulous and loving it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yeah, that’s right! I included a slideshow of myself in this post 😉


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