I’m Back!!!


After a hiatus from the internet and shutting down just about every account of everything I have online, I’ve decided to re-open my blog and continue networking with the great people I’ve met along the way and have in a very indirect manner been a very positive influence on me as an individual. Same way misery loves company, positivity can be highly addictive.

I was so preoccupied with all the bullshit going on in my life that everything was just off the charts for me. I lost focus on many things I had in mind I wanted to achieve. Everything is still really messy right now and I’m still very much so in a position where my family life requires all my attention but I missed this! I missed writing my nonsense down and sharing the randomness I do on here. This is my outlet and I’m honestly not big on heart to heart talks with people in person. I feel awkward talking to others about my feelings and shit. Lord knows everyone tries to get me yapping but they can only get so far.

I’ve been blessed to have the unconditional support of my family through everything and to have mended some severed relationships with old friends as well as acquire new amazing friendships in my life. I’ve been blessed with healthy, happy children, and although things have been hella tight financially I’ve been able to stay in my own place and keep a secure stability in my life and the kids. So all in all, everything is good. Still have some major bumps to deal with but everything will turn out the way its supposed to turn out.

I have a little project I’ve been working on during the time I’ve been absent and I’m excited to share it with you all. I will be posting my first vlog one of these days and will give you a little re-cap as to what it’s about. It’s been fun doing it and I hope it’ll help me get to know some of you better but most importantly that I’ll help you know yourself better. So stay tuned for that!! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer thus far and are enjoying this heat wave with a few cold ones.


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