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This little girl changed not just my life but she also changed me completely, in so many aspects. She came into my life when I was still very young and in doing so I was forced to mature and become the best mother I could considering my circumstances I was in at that point in my life, my relationship not just with her father but with everybody around me. My baby has been my source of strength since I found out I was pregnant. She’s such a blessing in my life and I know for a fact that she will make every second of all my struggles I’ve had to go through worth it. She is my pride, such an effortlessly smart girl. It’s so refreshing and rewarding to see.

I would fight anything and anyone to keep her happy. She’s been present through so many of my struggles and together we’ve gotten through them. I truly hope we can continue being there for each other as the years pass, she has been a little guardian angel for me so many times. I don’t think men (except for a rare few) will ever quite understand what a mother is willing to sacrifice for her kids, especially for a child as special as this one. I confidently say that my daughter has a great future ahead of her and all I can do is pray with whatever faith I have left that God will watch over her through it all and guide her every step of the way through her life.


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