It seems that by some type of divine intervention, fate, destiny or whatever higher power we’ve managed to find each other. You turned out to be more than I could possibly have asked for. It’s been a long, painful and testing road to get to each other. Through the turmoil we were able to live, learn and grow to become exactly what our tired, beaten hearts needed to be shocked back to life. Beating now as one, in unison, stronger than ever before. The thought alone doesn’t just bring a smile to my face but it makes the essence of my very being shine brighter then I ever thought possible. I can breathe again, I can let go and not worry about it hurting because I have u to hold me together. I have never felt so loved by anyone before.

I feel like I can die tomorrow knowing that I’ve met my soul mate. Thank u for being u and for loving me. I adore u and everything u stand for. U have become the foundation to my life. I feel that with u by my side I can achieve the things I want. I can be a better mother, a better woman, daughter, sister and just an all around better human being. You’ve brought a sense of peace into my life that I didn’t think existed. I promise to do everything in my power to make u feel as loved as you make me feel. All I have left to say is thank u, thank u for saving me and pulling me out of the dark. You’re my angel and I thank God everyday for bringing u to me. I love u.



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