Office Affairs


Today’s workplace has become the number one place to engage in extra martial affairs. What used to be inconceivable is rapidly becoming somewhat of an epidemic. 20 years ago infidelity in the workplace was highly uncommon. The separation between the sexes that once existed is almost obsolete. This leaves the office as the modern day version of a singles bar. In numerous surveys it is found that on average over 60% of people confess to sex with a co-worker.

Why has the workplace turned from strictly business to opportunity and temptation? The environment of the office is built around teamwork, co-workers share common goals. Gone are the days of supervisory male and female subordinate affairs. More men and women find themselves as peers, working on assignments or projects with unavoidable closeness.

The intent of infidelity is usually not the case. Actually quite the contrary. The men and women who get caught up in an office romance more often then not have a happy home life and a wonderful marriage. When working in such close contact emotional attachment is a natural offshoot. What starts as a coffee break or lunch to discuss the current project tends to become more frequent. These outtings often lead to sharing more personal information about oneself. There becomes a deeper connection regarding both work and personal life. The bond has been made.

This tends to be where the marriage starts to fracture and the affair starts to florish. When you feel your spouse no longer understands you and your new partner understands all aspects of your life. You start to work longer hours, take longer lunches, or even mini weekend “work” getaways. You are now romantically involved with your co-worker.

Although as popular as the workplace is for affairs there are many things to consider before allowing yourself to fall into this trap. An affair can be complicated enough, however, when you add the additional stress of work you may end up with more than you bargained for. What you perceived to be a fun and exciting adventure could end up distracting you from your work, making your job more difficult. Take the time to consider the consequences before you become involved with a co-worker if you want to stay happily married and / or gainfully employed.


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