It is so important to keep talking about this issue since the media keeps painting such an unrealistic picture of what the “ideal body” should look like. As long as you are healthy you should be content with yourself.

It's a New Day...

Day 157 Question 157:

Why are so many women obsessed with dieting/weight?

Dieting is one of those subjects I know far too much about.  If there is a diet out there…I have tried it out.  I was always looking for a quick fix and had this inner desire to be thin. Why did I want to be thin though?  There is a big difference between being thin and being healthy.  For the majority of my life (and it still lingers within) I have been obsessed with my weight.  I know so many women that are obsessed with their weight…probably more that are obsessed than are not.  Why is that?  Why are so many women hung up on what their bodies look like?

I truly believe that the media has molded us since we were very little girls to believe that being thin equates to being beautiful.  I believe we have…

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