L’Amour Fou


I have never been the kind of girl that fantasizes about her wedding day, the dress she wants to wear or what theme and colour palette to use. I’ve had my ups and downs with the idea of marriage. When I became a mother I thought that ideally I would be married but not everything is ideal is it? So considering my love hate relationship that I’ve had with the idea of wedding dresses and flowers its very surprising to me that as soon as I knew I was getting married I already knew what I wanted that day to look like. Only further proof that yes…I can be a real girl. I remember being in high school and talking about the different themed parties we would have for all our different weddings but it was all in good fun. In a few days I will be a Mrs. and the thought of it alone makes me grin like a fool as opposed to my usual eye roll towards that particular matter.The changes that a person can influence in you are astounding aren’t they? I guess it’s all love. Potent, irrevocable love. I’m sorry guys…I know I’ve been one big ball of cheese lately but c’est l’amour fou.

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