Just Keep Swimming

I know that you cant ever really be ready for unpleasant events, that’s what makes them unpleasant right? The fact they literally knock your feet from right under you. You end up landing on your ass, might sit there and lick your sore spots a bit but goddammit you get up after and shake that shit off. No sense in lamenting yourself or waiting for things to pass on their own, just keep going. Somebody close to me has been telling me recently that no matter what I just have to go on with my life…well yea, life doesn’t stop for anyone or anything does it? Often times we end up watching it run circles around us because we literally sit in one spot and just watch it go as we brew in whatever hurt, bitterness or disloyalty was inflicted on us. You can’t let life bring you down, you have to grab it by the reigns and take control of that bitch! Life does what you want it to, especially yours…YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY. Sure, I believe in God. I believe that there are consequences to all the choices we make, good or bad, but OUR choices nonetheless. I don’t believe God is as omnipotent as they make him/her/it out to be. The best thing we were given was free will, it’s the harshest and most beautiful quality we have as a species besides the ability to love. So take charge, keep going and never stand still.


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