Random Thought

You ever have days that you wake up feeling sad and all down? Not for any particular reason…or none that you are really aware of at least. Is that just a female thing? A “hormonal” thing? I don’t like having days like this because I end up attracting bad things and fully knowing this I become weary of them and I think that I’m expecting bad things so much that I actually end up becoming a full blown magnet for them. It’s a vicious cycle.

I find that music helps a lot. It can go both ways though, it can either help me purge whatever the hell I’m feeling for whatever reason or it can enhance it. Certain songs become almost like a soundtrack to everything going on in my head. As I’m writing this I have Frank Ocean’s crooning voice and Andre 3000’s soothing lyrics playing in the background. Seems fitting. Writing is also a personal favourite for me even though I haven’t done very much of it in some time now. It has been a loyal friend to me though whenever I’ve needed it. Lets me rant and bitch and pout about anything and everything without judgement.

By no means does this reflect my life though, its just one shitty day out of what I’m sure will be many more to come….whatever, gotta get back to work.


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