Why Men Cheat

“Cheating is a conscious choice…” and a selfish one.

Thought Catalog

I read a story earlier this year that estimated between 15 percent of women and 20 percent of men are unfaithful. Women are less likely to get caught. Ninety-five percent of women and 83 percent of men reported they “successfully” cheated without their spouses ever finding out. These are married people so who knows how desolate the landscape of relationships and pseudo-relationships looks. I only point this out to note that there are a number of unfaithful people among us and many of them will never get caught (or so they believe). Specific to your friend’s situation, you seem to have two main questions:

1. Why does a cheater even want to be in a relationship if he’s decided that he’s not going to be faithful?

2. Does it signal to him that he can continue to cheat if a woman takes him back?

Why do cheaters cheat?

Women like…

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