Say You Love Me…

“…I’m TIRED. I’m so very fucking tired.”

Why is it so hard to say you love me?

I KNOW you do. Because when I say I love you, you (sometimes) say it back.

It’s those times when you don’t say I love you… those are the times I need it the most

It’s not even just those three words.

I want for you to say, “you’re wrong” when some random politician says that what happens in my uterus is a political issue, and not a health issue.

When I ignore another man’s catcalls and he whips a beer bottle at me? I want you to say to him “that shit ain’t cool motherfucker” Instead of just saying ‘oooooooh shit!”.

I want for you to say “yo, that shit ain’t right” when a guy jokes about how much he wants to just grab me and fuck me in the alley, but he won’t wait for me to…

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