7 Keys to a Happy Wife

And of course what would be ’10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Should Hear’ without some tips from the HUSBAND?

Eighth Rising Blog

Karen and I have been talking about doing this post for a while now. Her post 10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Should Hear has been viewed 5 million times in 3 months! We’ve been asked by many people, “Where is Frank’s version?”. Initially, my thoughts were that Karen’s post addressed a divorced man’s “lessons learned” blog post and there was no reason for me to write my own version. After gauging the comments the we received from our readers, I felt that a few tips from Karen’s other half would be beneficial to see how our suggestions co-exist within our marriage. These suggestions stem from mistakes I’ve made:

Happy Wife

  1. Separate from Mamma. – Men, you are married to your wife, not your mom! When family matters invade a marriage, your wife needs to trust that you and she are a united front. She must not fear that you will go behind…

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