Is there anything more beautiful? More moving and…complete then music? It has the power to embrace your every emotion, even the ones you try to repress. It is a universal language, knows no prejudices or boundaries. Even those that aren’t fortunate enough to be able to hear it can feel its vibration. Music can rock you to the depth of your very core. It has a way of understanding you and acknowledging everything you are living. Music is happiness, anger, hurt, melancholy…life. You can submerge yourself in music, drown in it and somehow rise from it more aware.

Music creates flow of movement. It moves your body, it stimulates your mind, it tugs at your heart, it is kindred to you. Whether it moves you in dance or perhaps to make love or to paint or to trash a fucking room! It can be an out-of-body experience. Have you ever given in to music? Have you ever lost yourself in dance? It’s surreal…heavenly. It’s euphoric. Have you ever made love to music? Had music witness your most intimate moment and just given in to the flow of it? Let yourself grind on someone as soft an sensual as what you have playing in the background or as fast and hard?

Music…a very beautiful thing. It’ll be your friend for life. It’s a world within itself, with a language we can all understand.



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