Native lives matter. Stephen Harper is a disgusting human being. 1,200 indigenous women have been murdered or have gone missing and its swept under the rug time and time again every time this happens. I keep saying it but…something HAS to change.

The service started Monday at 10 a.m. at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, fittingly located on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in the heart of St Louis. Brown’s uncle, the Reverend Charles Ewing, delivered the eulogy. But even now, nearly three weeks after his death, it seems unlikely that the fury over the shooting of Michael Brown is in any way abating.

Some have opined that the chaos that emerged following Brown’s death stemmed from the self-fulfilling nature of police militarization: an example of what happens when a trigger-happy and over-equipped police force is sent in to corral and contain a comparatively helpless public. Others have suggested that the impetus is economic, a protest borne of anger over the ever-expanding racial disparities in income in America – where a typical white household can expect to be 20 times more affluent than its black counterpart. All of these are…

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