Those Days

Those days when you feel like you have to fight with all of your might to stay afloat and keep your head above water.

Those days when you know that if you give in to the weight you will literally drown in darkness.

Those days when you question if everyone was in fact meant to be happy or if some of us were destined to have a sad existence simply for equilibrium.

Those days when all you want to do is crawl into your own skin where no one can see you or ask or expect anything of you because what you give of yourself is clearly not enough.

Those days when you ask yourself ‘Are you enough?’

Those days when everyone and everything around you keeps moving but you are at a stand still.

Those days when simply being upright and walking and speaking and smiling on cue are the most draining things you have to do.

Those days when you feel like no one understands, no one gets it…no one gets you.

Those days when you resent everyone for them thinking they know better than you what’s best for YOU.

Those days when you avoid your reflection at all costs.

Those days when you struggle to find all the right reasons to keep going.

Those days when you feel lonely and it just feels like home.

Those days…


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