Today I will be a chingona

“A [chingona] is a female version of a hustler.” (Queue Beyonce’s Diva)

Being a chingona is both a choice and an honor. It is a constant state of mind, not to be taken lightly.

My mom has always told me to be a chingona. It never meant bitchy or anything negative in my house. It was always a compliment, an aspiration. Let’s establish this once and for all – being a chingona is a very, very good thing. Giving credit where credit is due, author Sandra Cisneros once reminded me to “own my chingonaness.” The word chingona is making a comeback.

I would like to thank Urban Dictionary for describing chingonas as “the most badass girls in the world.” Flattering, really. But how to describe a chingona to the unfamiliar? Let me describe the ways:

A chingona is dynamic.

A chingona hustles. She doesn’t sit tight. She makes it happen.

A chingona fights for what she believes in. Conviction through and through.

A chingona is passionate.

A chingona is powerful. She is strength, courage, and hard work.

A chingona is determined. She pushes and sprints and dives into everything she does.

A chingona sees no limits. Openminded and audacious.

A chingona does it for her gente. If you call yourself a chingona, you can’t forget the people who helped you become one.

A chingona attracts other chingonas. This is very important – there’s no way you’re doing this alone.

A chingona has no room for envy or insecurities. That fuels the haters but builds bonds with other chingonas. This dynamic creates a shared connection any real chingona can understand.

A chingona is true to herself and doesn’t let others change her. It’s hard enough being a chingona, don’t need to be one on anyone else’s terms.

A chingona is restless. She stays up at night, wakes up early, and still wants more hours in the day.

A chingona is loud. Introvert, extrovert, doesn’t matter. Her voice is heard.

A chingona defines success for herself. Others may not understand, perhaps because her own definition of success is bigger than herself.

A chingona wants to see more chingonas coming up. As a beloved mentor once told me, “It gets lonely at the top. Bring others with you.”

A chingona looks good. She wears confidence, humility and grace, and she makes it look great.

A chingona is full of mystery. You never really know what’s brewing behind her eyes, behind her story, but oh yes is it intriguing.

A chingona is up for adventures. The only way for a chingona to stay driven is to find out what else is out there.

A chingona trusts in the universe. “And when you want something, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho (a chingon in his own right).

A chingona sometimes gets stretched too thin. She’s working on that…

A chingona is inspired by those who push boundaries and live on the edge of passion for whatever they believe in.

A chingona is a dancer. In spirit or in heels, she lives to a rhythm all her own.

A chingona values quality people she can trust. Nothing less.

A chingona can put her hair up and get her hands dirty. She also cleans up well.

A chingona believes in the strength of bold black eyeliner. Making a statement.

A chingona sees a challenge and runs toward it. That’s just how it works – aim for what’s hard and you’ll thrive.

A chingona is tough, sincere, and kind. She is all juxtaposition.

A chingona is the definition of pride, ache, dreams, and strength.

A chingona may be a future president.

A chingona is my mom.

A chingona will be my daughter.

A chingona is here to stay.

Today I will be a chingona.

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