The Sexualization of Summer

Preface: This is actually something written by my 13 year old daughter. In class they have been listening to some of Rick Mercer Report’s rants and as an assignment they had to write thier own and keep at the minute mark or just under. They will be filming their rants and compiling them together as a class.
I always encourage my kids and try to teach them as much as possible. I’m sure like most parents I have my moments when I question how effective my parenting is not just as a mom but as a woman…a guide. This is a short piece but it’s yet another small piece of evidence for me that I’m not doing as bad as I think I am sometimes.

All I See

Your are a monster, you are a freak. You’re so fat!

All I see is chunky bits of lard, hangng out all over your jeans.

You know why? Because you eat too damn much!

what? HA! Do you seriously think that is a “small portion” of food?

Add that to your wide hips and trust me- it be large portions in no time PORKY!

Did you throw it all up? GOOD!

You should do it more often; Purge that guilt out of your system.

Humph! Finally something fits you! I guess you are getting better- but u still need more work.

Why is your hair so dead? And why is your skin so gross? Where the hell are your eyes?

They are so dark and you need make up for those circles. Fix yourself up, girly! Because besides your weight, you are hideous!

Now….when I come back to this mirror, I want to see slim and sexy. Cause, all I see is fat and ugly.
** Just thought up of a possible monologue for anorexia/bulimia. I feel bad, for any of those poor girls/boys that think that, binge and purge is the way to go. I know it’s something pshycological but, I believe that again the media has a lot to do with this. I like food to much, to ever result into something like this. But i’ve known a couple of friends and friends of friends that have ended up in hospitals due to such disorders. If you know someone who has an eating disorder help them, they need the convincing that they are beautiful and that it isn’t healthy to starve/regurgitate just because u can’t deal with “the pounds”….it is sad.