The Sexualization of Summer

Preface: This is actually something written by my 13 year old daughter. In class they have been listening to some of Rick Mercer Report’s rants and as an assignment they had to write thier own and keep at the minute mark or just under. They will be filming their rants and compiling them together as a class.
I always encourage my kids and try to teach them as much as possible. I’m sure like most parents I have my moments when I question how effective my parenting is not just as a mom but as a woman…a guide. This is a short piece but it’s yet another small piece of evidence for me that I’m not doing as bad as I think I am sometimes.

2 weeks

It has been exactly 2 weeks since Boris passed away. I get a shiver every friday night remembering the phonecall i recieved from Brittney, telling me that he got shot. I remember the phonecall i received as i drove down to my old neighbourhood that he had passed away.

His parents are getting ready to leave, I saw Boris’s ashes on wedensday. He’s in a nice Gold sealed box, engraved in all. No doubt in my mind, Boris thinks he’s balling hahaha…

On the day of his viewing on ever persons cellphone, a picture of the suspect was being passed around. As i told you folks before i went to school with him. Very shocking. A lot of people were angry, confused and in denial.

My friend Boris has a group on face book with 1,648 members. Some people to defend the suspect saying ” Oh no, but it couldn’t have been him. He’s too nice.” BULLSHIT! I’m not going to lie, this is pissing me off as well. Boris wasn’t killed by a nice guy. And ugh…alright folks let me show you what i think about this guy.

I understand that these people defending him are his good friends, grew up with him and whatnot. But what they need to realize is that this guy was involved.

I highly doubt the 22 division would pick a name out of a hat and say, hey lets blame this guy for 2nd degree murder. Yes, cuz that is exactly how the system works. They go the guys face on camera. Theres one obvious piece of evidence. Next, he admitted in taking part of it why?

Bcuz that night, Boris had a gun held to his head by the very same guy they caught. He got tasered by boris out of self defense, becuz boris had a broken arm. And guess what folks? THIS GUY HAS TASER MARKS ON HIS NECK! So tell me how these people are saying, oh even though he was there he didn’t do it so it doesn’t matter. Of course it matters!?!?

He took part in a crime, a crime that got taken too far, rashly. Incredible how stupid these people are, how much they are in denial. But i guess my mom was right.

In every argument or situation there are 2 sides. For and against. Agreement or disagreement.

Some people have called Boris stupid for having a taser in the first place, they call him a dumb little wigger for trying to fight a guy with a gun.

So many people feel wounded by the fact that there is a “FREE NAHOOR” group. I felt angry, really angry. That isn’t fair. These little thugs live by some stupid ass code, “Don’t snitch”. Listen if u are scared of what can happen to your family and to yourself why the fuck are u getting involved with such people. The kind of people that can’t help but live a life of crime?

How foolish. How ridiculous. How sad. I can’t help but think that this guy feels no remorse for what he was involved in. Like honestly think about it. This guy is an accomplice to a murder of a youth over something stupid. If he had a bit of remorse, he would speak up? Or am i in the wrong here?

Are all 1,648 people standing by boris after death really fighting a lost cause? I hope not. My brother in heaven, My best friend, he needs this justice. And if not him. Well shit, then his parents. Its only fair. Cuz one thing that isn’t fair; is the way Boris’s life was taken.

But one thing that i do disagree with, is the facebook wars. Oh thats right there is such a thing. It’s when people have a heated discussion on a discussion board which leads to something controversial, upsetting, sometimes (if it gets to that point) life threatening.

So ridiculous.

I don’t know why i do it to myself, but i can’t help but check the discussion board.

Boris, don’t be upset with ur friends, i hope u know that they are just upset with everything that has been happening.

I just hope this gets solved.